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Make Becoming a Better Player Your New Year's Resolution

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 01/02/18, 9:30AM EST


OMHA Players Club doesn’t just teach skill, technique

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa Photography

Your New Year's Resolution is right here.

Here's how you can make becoming a better hockey player your goal for 2018.

The OMHA Players Club is a skill-building challenge for players to complete at home on their own schedule. Through a series or different drills within each set of the three challenges, the Players Club offers different areas of skill improvement that players can keep track of on individual tracking sheets.

While the focus of the Players Club is to build up skills that will translate on the ice, there are other lessons to take away as well. Creating a schedule to complete the challenges and following through on it help teach players some valuable lessons about time commitment and staying focused on a task. Here are just some of the off-ice lessons that the Players Club offers.


There is no other person in charge of completing the challenge than the player themselves. The instructions and guidelines are clear on the tracking sheet and it is up to the player to take on the task of completing each part of the challenge. The Players Club is a fun way to work on your hockey skills away from the rink and players can complete each challenge within the suggested time frame.

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa Photography

Time Management

One of the best tips for the Players Club is to plan out a daily schedule on when you will work on the challenges. Each day’s work takes less than half an hour to complete and making the Players Club a part of your daily routine can help get the job done. Players can commit to it after finishing their homework or maybe as soon as they finish dinner or get home from school. Find a dedicated time and stick to it.


Don’t just go through the motions to reach your daily goals. Take a few extra moments and use the proper techniques and focus when doing the Players Club challenges. This makes each rep more meaningful and will pay off in the long run – you should be able to see the results when you lock down and focus.

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Players are encouraged to work together to complete the Players Club challenges. Have a teammate who lives close by? Alternate shots on the 5000 Puck Challenge. Change up the reps in the 30/30 Challenge. This can add a bit of fun competition to the Players Club while still being well on your way to completing the challenges.

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