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Build Mobility and Upper Body Strength in Just a Few Reps

By Mark Fitzgerald, Elite Training Systems, 12/13/17, 1:00PM EST


Mobility is a key component for hockey players

Mobility is a key component for hockey players to increase their range of motion. It is used in almost everything they do on the ice, from skating to shooting to stick handling. Having a strong upper body can help players perform better and aid in movement.

The Drill: Thoracic Spine Windmill

An exercise to keep athletes fresh and mobile.

What You’ll Need: A flat, comfortable surface to lie on, running shoes, athletic clothing.

Body Position: Lay on your side with your knees, hips and shoulder all in line. Arms should be outstretched in front with one hand flat on top of the other. Knees bent backwards at a 90 degree angle. Keep the neck in a neutral position, can put a foam roller underneath to support the head if needed.

The Movement:

  • Using your top hand, reach out as far forward as you can.
  • Once you hit the maximum distance, rotate your arm through the upper back, keeping the arm straight and lifting it over your head to the other side.
  • At this point, both palms should be upwards with your back almost flat.
  • Using the arm that was just rotated, sweep back around over the head back to the start position and rest.
  • Do this for 8-10 reps per side.

The Breakdown:

This drill stretches the back and can be used in warmups, in active rest or for cooling sets and stretches. It is a great movement to keep the upper back mobile.

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Mark Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Elite Training Systems as well, as the ETS Athlete Development App. In addition, Fitzgerald is head of Performance Training for the Anaheim Ducks, Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour and a member of the Under Armour Global Team.

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