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Master the Art of the Toe Drag

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/08/17, 11:30AM EST


3 Puck Toe Heel Part 2 – CCM Drill of the Month

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The CCM Drill of the Month for December is: 3 Puck Toe Heel, Part 2. Take what you did last month and add this variation of the drill. Perfect your stickhandling - think you’ve got the hang of stickhandling one puck? Try 3!

It can be done in three easy steps.

1.  Line up three pucks in front of you in a straight, vertical line pointing towards the net

2. Start the drill by going backhand to forehand, toe to heel, through the pucks.

3. Once through the line, place your shots in the top corners from far, two on the forehand, one on the backhand.

These shots are from somewhat of a distance compared to the previous drill of the month. Transfer your body weight from the back foot to front foot as the puck is released with a quick snap of the wrists while turning the blade upward. Pick a target in the net or on the wall and keep shooting pucks until you can master the technique.

This drill helps players work on their puck control and stick handling abilities. Being able to get around defenders while maintaining possession of the puck makes opponents be aware of you at all times on the ice. Snapping off a quick shot adds to your offensive attack.

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