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The Backhand Shot – CCM Drill of the Month

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 10/06/17, 10:45AM EDT


Become a master like Sidney Crosby to keep goalies on their toes

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The CCM Drill of the Month for October is: Backhand Shot, Standing Pucks. It can be done in two easy steps.

1. Stand up four pucks in a straight line in front of the net.

2. Take a backhand wrist shot and aim top shelf!

Each drill that you practice on the forehand should also be practiced on the backhand. Try this drill to strengthen your backhand wrist shot.

The hand grip is similar to that used for stickhandling. When possible, the lower hand moves slightly down the shaft for greater power.

The puck starts at the heel of the blade and moves toward the toe as you sweep. Transfer your body weight from the back foot to front foot and the puck is released with a quick snap of the wrists while turning the blade upward. The longer the follow through, the higher the shot. Pick a target in the net or on the wall and keep shooting pucks until you can master the technique.

The backhand shot is one of the most difficult for a goalie to save, and probably the most difficult to master for the shooter. Goalies rarely expect to face a backhand shot so it is up to the shooter to take advantage if the opportunity that presents itself. It can be tough for goalies to predict where the shot will end up, if it will go high or low or left or right. Because the shooter doesn’t spend time moving the puck to their forehand, goalies have less time to set up for a save.

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