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Recognizing Coaches Who've Made an Impact

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 09/30/17, 11:00AM EDT


#ThanksCoach submissions from across the OMHA

Photo Credit: Brian Woo

We wanted to hear about all of the great coaches in your associations and were overwhelmed with the amount of responses we received!

Ahead of National Coaches Week, we asked for players and parents to submit why they wanted to say #ThanksCoach. As we all know, coaches serve a very important role in our hockey experiences as well as in our communities.

The leaders of today are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

National Coaches Week (September 23-30, 2017) is a celebration of coaches from all sports across the country. The goal is to say ‘thanks’ to our coaches, whether it be from players, parents or associations. Coaches make a positive impact in our communities and are trusted with helping to shape the youth of tomorrow through their volunteerism. It’s more than about what happens on the field of play.

Here are just some of the #ThanksCoach submissions from across the OMHA:

Frontenac Flyers Bantam CC
Coach Brian B.

Brian has coached many years for Frontenac Flyers. He dedicates his time making sure that the players are continuously learning, whether its in preparing for games at practice, or learning from their mistakes after a game. He has an approachable attitude and is focused on the improvement of the team more than the numbers under the win column (although he obviously takes pride in that as well).

Brian can be strict when he needs to be, enforcing the standards that were set at the beginning of the season, and also be the biggest cheerleader when a player achieves a new goal. Working around long shifts at his job, often showing up when most would be getting some sleep, Brian is more committed to his team, than a volunteer coach would be expected to be. Any year that my son has had Brian as a coach, I know the year will be a great one regardless of the stats at the end of the year.

Markham Waxers Novice AA (2016-17 Season)
Coach Jamie B.

From the moment we met Coach Jamie at tryouts in 2016 an immediate trusting relationship developed. He was very open, honest and patient. Throughout the season he confirmed the positive reputation that preceded him. Here are some attributes about Coach Jamie:

  • Coach Jamie was committed to every practice throughout the season. He was organized and his emphasis on skill development and team building was evident. He wanted each and every player to improve and committed to seeing that happen.
  • Coach Jamie gained the respect of both players and parents from the beginning to the end of the season by being compassionate and respectful.
  • Coach Jamie delivered criticism and praise at practices and games in a manner that was respected and accepted.
  • It is so evident that Coach Jamie has a passion for the game of hockey and seeing his players improve. This excitement clearly transferred to the players in both practices and games.
  • Coach Jamie was a leader in every way. He gave clear direction to the players on the ice and at times followed through with written direction to the parents. He motivated the players and emphasized “teamwork” rather then the “win” philosophy, which clearly strengthened the unity of the team.
  • It was evident the team improved throughout the season, having advanced the semi finals of the York Simcoe Championship. Also, their improvement and success in games against higher ranked teams near the end of the season was evident.

Coach Jamie was an amazing mentor and inspiration to many and truly one of a kind.

Elmvale Coyotes Peewee AE
Coach Jordan S.

We would like to thank Jordan S. for all that he has done for his teams. He is a coach that brings out the best in all of the players, is always well prepared and always ready to go for practices or games. Not only does every player improve their skill level, they all come away with a better understanding and respect for the game of hockey. The values and skills that are taught by Jordan will resonate with these players far beyond their minor hockey years. In the meantime, these same skills and values will help their years within Elmvale Minor Hockey be successful and enjoyable. Thanks for coaching Jordan as these are the years the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. You have helped foster a love and respect for the game Canadians call their own!

Oro Thunder Minor Hockey
Coach Chris C.

Chris is a valued member of our Association definitely a leader in our hockey community.   

He is fantastic with the players... no mater what age. He makes learning the hockey skills fun and exciting. The players want to listen and learn. He also teaches the players valuable life skills which they can use outside of hockey - respect, teamwork, and accountability.   

As a parent, Chris effectively communicates with parents and make the hockey experience enjoyable. He is organized and parents really appreciate it. Chris makes an effort to not only know the players, but to also know the parents and even siblings.  

Finally, he is also happy to volunteer his time to help with any of the Association's teams or community events. Like most Hockey Associations this time of year, try-outs have been ongoing and Chris has spent countless hours either on the ice running drills, in the stands helping with evaluations or evening running the time clock for exhibition games.   

He is a valued coach for Oro Minor Hockey Association.

Belleville Bulls Peewee AA
Coach Steve M.

Thank you for taking on this team for 2 years. You're a non-parent coach but you treat every kid in the team as though they are all your own blood. They adore everything about you and look up to you. You have brought the love of hockey back to many kids on this team. Thank you for your time and dedication!

Penetang Flames Bantam AE
Coach Greg L.

Greg not only is a student of the game but he truly understands kids, and realizes they all have different skills and personalities. From the Type "A" personality to the introvert, Greg manages to extract the best that they have to offer, on and off the ice. Never one to judge, he manages to connect with young children to the teenagers. Greg is truly a parent's dream coach.

Peterborough Minor Petes Atom AA
Coach Michael F.

Coach Mike deserves a huge #ThanksCoach! He spends so much time helping our team to become better hockey players and best friends. He makes sure we do things to give back to our community and he treats all of us with respect. Coach Mike really cares about us. He is the best coach a kid could ask for!

East Gwillimbury Eagles Novice A
Coaches Jeff M., Todd W., Chuck W., Clint R.

Even when each player said...."I can't"
The coaches said...."You can"
Even when each player said...."I won't"
The coaches said..."Do it!"
Even when each player said...."I will lose"
The coaches said..."Go win"
Even when the players said...."I failed"
The coaches said...."Well done"
Even when the players said...."I don't believe in myself"
The coaches all said "We believe in you"

These coaches deserve a big #ThanksCoach for being incredible leaders, inspiring, caring and supportive. These kids really have the best coaches around.

Belleville Bulls Tyke IP6
Coach Andrew B.

In just 3 seasons of hockey Andrew has sacrificed his time to coach 6 Timbits and Tyke teams. He is quick to recognize certain skills in each player and puts them in the position to thrive as players and in turn help the team thrive. He has spent the effort to help my son learn proper defensive positioning so well that my son now helps newcomers to the position while he is on the ice even at such a young age. Andrew's extensive playing experience left him with the knowledge of what skills are most important to develop at this early stage in these young players' hockey careers. The time and effort that Andrew has volunteered has already been quite a lot and it is definitely appreciated. #ThanksCoach

Collingwood Blackhawks Novice BB
Coach John E.

My coach is my dad. He always helps all of the kids, no matter what their skill level is. He has a busy job, but makes time to organize practices and drills. He is fair and never yells at players, just asks us to try our best. He has coached me for 3 years and all  the players really like him. He's the best coach.

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