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Don't Forget - The Season is a Marathon, not a Sprint

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 09/27/18, 9:00AM EDT


There will be ups and downs throughout the year

Photo Credit: XGen Photo

A new hockey season is an exciting time of year.

The enthusiasm can be measured through all of the smiling faces at the rink and we all wait to hear the sound of the opening whistle of the first game of the year.

Containing all of that eagerness is key in remembering that the season is a marathon and not a sprint. Think that if you get off to a slower start that the season is already over? No way! Don’t get too far ahead of yourself with a couple of wins either – as quickly as you jump to a fast start, you can get stopped just as easily.

There’s a reason that we play all of the games we do. There is always room for improvement and the chemistry and skill of a team will only grow as players get more comfortable with their teammates. Every team goes through streaks of ups and downs throughout the year but it’s a matter of focusing on consistent play. Sometimes there will simply be some bad bounces that don’t go your way.

Photo Credit: Tim Bates/OJHL Images

Remember that there will be adjustments made throughout the season. Give yourself time to adapt to new changes and strategies. Understand that they won’t always work immediately. You're still learning new skills during the year. The season is about pacing yourself and improving every practice and game.

Take advantage of the natural breaks in the calendar. Realize the necessity of having time to recharge away from the rink and to come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running again. Use tournaments as a way to create fun, off-ice hockey moments and to experience new towns and adventures.

Most importantly, have fun! Remember to enjoy the moments from this year. Your team is made up of a special group that will be a part of your life for a long time. This year is another step forward in becoming a better athletic and enjoying a physical, active lifestyle.

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