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Here's Why Hockey Is Right For Your Child

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 07/24/17, 10:45AM EDT


Get involved in OMHA Hockey

Interested in getting involved in hockey but don’t know where to begin? Here’s why hockey is the right sport for your family:

The Benefits of Hockey

Sports aren’t just about being physically active. Hockey makes you an important member of a team while learning new skills along the way. See the benefits of an active lifestyle while making friends from across your community. Hockey offers lessons in teamwork, responsibility and skill-building. Balancing your school, social and hockey lives is a great way to teach time management and accountability while being a member of a group. Varying levels of hockey involve differing commitments so how much time you want to dedicate to the sport is flexible.

It’s Easy to Get Involved

There are many programs within local minor hockey associations that help reduce some of the barriers that may exist for participants. Resources are available that teach the rules of hockey and many local rinks offer learn-to-skate programs for those just getting comfortable on the ice and with the rules of hockey. Being provided with an initial set of equipment can ease financial concerns. Talk to your local association and see how they can help you get involved in this great game.

Equipment 101

Acquiring properly fitting equipment that is in good condition and well-maintained help ensure that it is safe to wear. Plan on a budget and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Work within your budget and find what is best for your child. Professional sporting goods stores can consult with you to make sure you are outfitted properly.

Playing Safely

Hockey is a safe activity that keeps you physically active. Body contact is not introduced into the game until Bantam, therefore the focus is on skill development and fostering a love for the game as a child grows up in the sport. Players wear protective equipment to reduce the risk of injury.

Minor hockey associations exist in the backyards of many communities across the OMHA. Find one in your area today!

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