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Players Club

Doing the OMHA Players Club at Home

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 07/05/17, 3:45PM EDT


Here's what you'll need

The off-season is a great time to get started on the OMHA Players Club challenges. With no school work to worry about or practices and games to get to, there is time to improve your hockey skills at home on your own time. Three different challenges are offered that each provide drills to improve different skills.

Through creative repetition, players can use the OMHA Players Club challenges to grow their game. Puck-handling, shooting and agility can all be worked on in the fun drills provided.

Here’s what you’ll need for the challenges:


Find a dedicated area in the driveway or basement or another open space that gives you enough room to move around and shoot pucks. A flat surface is important for puck handling and for safe movement. Remove any potential hazards or fragile items for safety. Make sure whatever space you are using won’t leave any unwanted markings on the ground from a puck or stick.


One of the great things about the Players Club is that it doesn’t require much extra equipment aside from a stick, puck and net. Many household items can also serve as markings or obstacles that are needed for some of the drills like pylons.

Time Management

Try to find a consistent time in your day that will be dedicated to completing the challenge. The daily requirements are clear on each tracking sheet. Determine how long each daily drill takes to complete and you will know how to best fit it into your schedule. Players shouldn’t rush through the challenges – they should be done with deliberate action.

Attention to Detail

Don’t just do each day’s requirements to get it over with. Look at exactly what is required from each day’s drill. Make sure that you are doing each challenge correctly by reading the instructions on the tracking sheet and watching the how-to videos. Mastering the technique will help improve your skills and make the time spent on the challenges worth it.

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Players Club
Players Club

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