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Building Strength with the 30/30 Challenge

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 05/10/17, 2:30PM EDT


OMHA Players Club offers skill-building exercises for off-season

With the hockey season over and the weather starting to get warmer it can be time to think about what your plans are for the off-season. There are many great activities to consider during the summer while you’re away from the rink. Spending time outside has many health benefits and many sports like baseball and tennis offer skills that are transferrable to hockey. It’s important to stay active throughout the year and there are many ways to stay involved in getting ready for the next hockey season without ever lacing up skates or picking up a stick.

The 30/30 Challenge from the OMHA Players Club presented by Gongshow Gear is a self-improvement and skill-building routine for players to build on at home. It is divided into two age-appropriate programs (10 and under, 11 and older). Each program is set up as a circuit that consists of 10 exercises to be completed over an eight-week period. Players perform each exercise in order for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest time. The daily goal should be 10-20 minutes for three to five days per week.

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The challenge aims to improve a player’s agility, balance, coordination and speed and is a great development opportunity to grow physical literacy skills and at-home dry-land training. It requires minimal equipment and can be done almost anywhere, like in a basement or backyard. All you need is a dedicated space and some sort of timer and pylons. Players should wear comfortable athletic clothing and footwear and work with a partner and have supervision. It’s important to start slow by practicing each movement before increasing speed and intensity.

Taking advantage of being outside in the summer is something that you will look back during the cold winter months and be thankful you did. Use the off-season as a time to enjoy nature and explore local hikes and trails around you without being distracted by screens. Playing other sports and building your coordination combined with healthy eating helps to create a better overall athlete and reduces muscle overuse.

Age-appropriate movement is key in properly developing an athlete. When kids play it doesn’t necessarily have to be structured. Playing games like tag or hopscotch with a group of friends, throwing a ball around or going on a trampoline all use different muscle groups and get kids moving. As kids get older, creating an exercise plan that can be done a few times a week focuses on building core power and stamina. This also adds the responsibility for the athlete to make sure they are staying healthy and following their routine as days go by.

Remember to send in your completed tracking sheet for Gongshow Gear prizes!

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