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Video Coach | Total Hockey II

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 04/24/17, 3:00PM EDT


Breaking down game action video to identify skills, tactics and strategy

Welcome to OMHA Video Coach where we review a video clip from game action and then break down the sequence into frames identifying key skills, individual and team tactics, strategy and hockey IQ. Video is a great teaching tool that can be used by both players and coaches.

In the last edition of Video Coach, we looked at the concept of playing Total Hockey in the offensive zone where all five players are interchangeable positionally, read off each other, manipulate defenders and create confusion.

This week we have a similar example that was too good to pass up on – once again, it’s a 5 player attack as they move seamlessly together, filling lanes, creating space to create time, space and defensive breakdowns.

Now, let’s take a closer look and break it down…

  • CHI88 walks up the boards with the puck - low to high - towards the blueline
  • CHI88 steps off the boards opening up space for CHI2 to jumps down the wall – scissoring with CHI88 and drops puck to CHI2
  • NSH10 has good stick position and angle to limit CHI88 from walking off the wall through the middle of the ice
  • CHI4 comes back through middle to support this switch
  • CHI2 looks to make a ‘Royal Road’ pass across the slot-line but NSH has established their D-zone set-up and cross-ice passing lanes are filled
  • NSH46 steps up to close the gap on CHI2 so he cannot simply drive off wall into the slot
  • CHI2 now takes ice and drives down low into the zone. This starts the rotation of players, both offensively and defensively
  • NSH46 continues to keep CHI2 on the outside with good stick and body position
  • CHI72 has moved from the cross-ice pass option into the slot area to support the puck
  • CHI88 looks to re-load through the middle of the ice

  • With NSH46 pulled low into the zone, CHI2 now uses an evasive tight turn out of corner
  • CHI72 has continued to come across through the slot and slides to quiet area above the offensive dot (see Video Coach #6 – Hunting the Dot)
  • NSH59 who was protecting net-front identifies CHI72 and starts to close gap
  • This is the 2V1 situation that CHI2 has been looking for!
  • CHI15 has occupied net-front throughout - but swivels based on puck position – when puck is high, he is in position for low tip/screen; when puck is low he swivels to open up for a cross-crease or back-door pass
  • With CHI15 staying at net-front, NSH4 can't release and help down low
  • CHI2 passes to CHI72 who is now at the top of the circle and loaded to shoot one-timer
  • NSH59 is late to cut reduce gap on CHI72
  • CHI4 who was supporting the space that CHI2 left at the start of the play now slides across blueline providing wide support and cover against a break against
  • CHI88 drives into space between four NSH defenders
  • CHI72 shoots on goal and now all CHI players are hunting for rebounds – CHI15 at net, CHI2 from below golaline to net-front, CHI88 through slot and CHI4, high in zone in middle of ice.

Watch the video again to see how movement with and without the puck along with a willingness to rotate and fill space creates a great scoring opportunity.

Important to note that there is a major breakdown by NSH – no one is beat in a 1V1 situation, but there is a hesitation for the net-front D-man to cover a player so high in the zone. The rotation creates the 2V1 mismatch and more TOTAL Hockey.

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