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Chalk Talk | Small Area Games (All Ages)

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 02/04/17, 3:00PM EST


Age-appropriate skills, drills and progressions

In this edition of Chalk-Talk, we look at two great drills that can be used from Novice to Midget – they can be great warm-up drill or a great game to end practice!

Both of these drills are player favourites simply because they drills disguised as games and involve competition. They mimic game situations while reinforcing technical skill & tactics covered in practice.

The 2v2 Steal Puck - Drill on left-hand side

Drill Description

  • Place nets at one end on the goal line.
  • Players are divided into two teams / divide into two colours, each on the NZ dot
  • On whistle, 2 players from each team skate diagonally across the ice, passing the puck back & forth attacking the opposite net, 2V0.
  • Teams play until they score
  • If one team scores first, the game now becomes a 2v2 game and the team that scored first tries to steal the puck from the other team and score again.
  • Once it becomes a 2v2, team have the option of attacking and scoring on either net

3v3 Circle Relay - Drill on right-hand side

Drill Description:

  • Players are divided into two teams / divide into two colours, each on the NZ dot
  • This drill can run as 3v3 or 4v4
  • On whistle, players in each line performs designated skating pattern around the circle, inside to outside, and race to the spotted puck by the coach
  • Vary skating skills/ patterns each time through; may use pylons for players to skate around

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