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Getting Ready for the 30/30 Challenge

By Ontario Minor Hockey Associaiton, 12/28/16, 10:15AM EST


OMHA Players Club challenge helps boost agility, balance and coordination

Even though the hockey season is halfway done there is still plenty of time to continue improving on many core skills. Skating is such a basic aspect of hockey that sometimes it can be overlooked but any great player will show how comfortable they are on the ice through how they move.

With the holiday break here it’s important to remember that just because players are taking a break from school, this can often be the busiest time of the hockey season. If you’re looking to keep growing your game with the extra time at home, the 30/30 Challenge from the OMHA Players Club is a great exercise to keep you in hockey shape.

The challenge aims to improve a player’s agility, balance, coordination and speed and is a great development opportunity to grow physical literacy skills and at-home dry-land training.

The 30/30 Challenge is divided into two age-appropriate programs (10 and under, 11 and older). Each program is set up as a circuit that consists of 10 exercises to be completed over an eight-week period. Players perform each exercise in order for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest time. The daily goal should be 10-20 minutes for three to five days per week.

Using the tracking sheet, players track the number of repetitions they complete for each exercise. For the first four weeks of the program, players will complete the circuit one time. For the last four weeks, players will complete each circuit twice.

One of the great things about the OMHA Players Club is that it requires minimal equipment and can be done almost anywhere. The 30/30 Challenge requires a dedicated space and some sort of timer and pylons. Players should wear comfortable athletic clothing and footwear and work with a partner and have supervision. It’s important to start slow by practicing each movement before increasing speed and intensity.

The OMHA Players Club is presented by Gongshow Gear and is a self-improvement, at-home skill development tool for all players. It is made up of three challenges that each aim to grow a player’s skill in a specific area of the game such as puck handling and shot accuracy. To stay up to date with all of the latest tips and news, make sure you register here. While every completed tracking sheet from any of the three challenges is eligible to receive a Gongshow Gear prize, there is also a grand prize raffle for of one of two $500 Gongshow Gear gift cards.

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