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Podcast | Favourite Hockey Memories

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/22/16, 11:30AM EST


Special edition of the Breakaway Podcast for the holidays

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The Breakaway Podcast is celebrating the holiday season just like everyone else with a special episode. Guests who have appeared on the show share their favourite hockey memories. From the annual World Juniors tournament to receiving new equipment or tickets to a game, even heading to a holiday tournament, everybody has something unique that stands out to them around the holidays.

Here are some of our favourites from the podcast:

Richard Monette, publisher and editor-in-chief of Active for Life: “The 1976 game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Soviets. Probably the best game I’ve ever watched in my life, or one of the best. I was a young kid in those days and it was truly exciting and a pleasure to watch.”

Mark Fitzgerald, Strength & Conditioning Coach - Anaheim Ducks, Director of Performance - Elite Training Systems, Lead Training Advisor - Under Armour Canada: “My favourite hockey moment was all about coming down on Christmas morning and seeing what new hockey gear that I got, whether it was a stick or another piece of equipment or just the excitement of playing pond hockey that day. It’s definitely something that makes me think about Christmas and something that I’ll do with my kids now for as long as I can.”

Wayne Parro, Senior Coaching Consultant with the Coaching Association of Canada and NCCP Facilitator with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association: “My favourite hockey memory would have to be, and I was alive for this one, would have to be the Toronto Maple Leafs 1967 Stanley Cup win. I remember exactly where I was watching that final game. I was upstairs at a neighbour’s house. They had a TV, we had one that wasn’t working, so I was able to go to a neighbour’s and watch that game. Reflecting on that now, I’m very excited about where the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise is finally going and it looks like somewhere in the very near future, we could be on that pathway again.”

What are your favourite holiday memories that involve hockey? Let us know on Twitter!

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