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Lacing Up

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/14/16, 11:15AM EST


New respect program teaches players important off-ice skills

Respect Group in partnership with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association is excited to announce the Lacing Up Program, designed for 6-8 year old, entry level players. The program will be available, free of charge, to all OMHA members.

Lacing Up is a fun, online, game-based program that helps young players learn the fundamentals of being a successful, respectful young hockey player. Lacing Up focuses on the skills players need to know off the ice to stay healthy, play fair, support their teammates, respect officials, and contribute positively to their team.

“Lacing Up focuses on the important off-ice skills that kids need to grow into respectful young athletes and allows coaches to focus on the fundamental hockey skills and drills that makes great players on the ice,” said Wayne McNeil, co-founder of Respect Group.

This hour long program, which we encourage parents to take along with their child, covers key curriculum elements;

  • Long Term Player Development, including; growth and development, nutrition, hydration, and sleep.
  • Playing fair, including: the Hockey Canada Fair Play Pledge, respect for teammates, officials, and opponents and recognizing that everyone makes mistakes.
  • Recognizing and dealing with bullying, including: types of bullying, what to do about bullying if you are the target or if you see it happening.
  • Respect for the game, each other, and ourselves.

Young players experience all of this through the stories, adventures, quizzes and games played with five young animated characters, their coach and Puckster.

Lacing Up extends the OMHA’s and Respect Group’s holistic commitment to creating safer, more respectful hockey environments.

“As the game of hockey continues to evolve it is the responsibility of us all to change with it – but more importantly, to be the agents for positive change,” said Ian Taylor, OMHA Executive Director. “Ultimately, we seek to provide the very best programming, as well as a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone in which to enjoy all the positive opportunities our great game has to offer.”

This exciting new program continues to shape the OMHA’s stance to grow and maintain respect in hockey and build on the respect initiatives already launched including our Respect in Sport Parent and Activity Leader Programs, as well as the recent Respect Video and Signage campaign.

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