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How to do the 5000 Puck Challenge

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/16/16, 2:15PM EST


The OMHA Players Club challenge helps improve shot power and accuracy

The hockey season is close to two months old but it’s never too late to keep improving! Players who are looking for off-ice activities to stay engaged throughout the season can check out the 5000 Puck Challenge. It is a part of the OMHA Players Club, a series of three skill-development challenges offered to minor hockey players. Through repetition and engaging activity, the goal of the Players Club is to improve player skill and creativity on the ice.

While there are recommended guidelines in place for players to keep a schedule, there are no time restrictions for completing the 5000 Puck Challenge. Whether after school, after homework, on the weekend or with a friend, players can dedicate time in their schedules and add the challenge to their regular routines. Players are free to work at their own pace but shouldn’t rush to finish. Each day’s work should take about 20 minutes.

There is a key to the technique that players should use when practicing any skill in any sport and that is having each rep be meaningful. It’s easy to go through as many reps as possible in the quickest amount of time but that doesn’t help you improve. Use an extra few seconds and think about the adjustments you are making in practice and it will help improve your shot power and accuracy.

There are many different shot types to practice as each simulate a different game scenario. The Science of Scoring shows that specific areas and distances on the ice have higher success rates for certain types of shots and players should be prepared to score from wherever if the situation presents itself.

The 5000 Puck Challenge can be completed almost anywhere! Players need a net, stick and pucks and can use a space like a driveway or basement to get started. Depending on the weather, it can be nice to spend the last few days before winter outside while working on the challenge.

The tracking sheet provided lets players monitor their progress as they look to complete all 5000 shots. It breaks down what shot types to work on each week and explains why they are beneficial and when the skill may come into use. Each shot will help to grow a player’s skillset and keeps the challenge fresh over the recommended 10 weeks.

Don’t forget to register for the Players Club and send in your completed tracking sheet once you finish the 5000 Puck Challenge! There are plenty of available prizes from Gongshow Gear. While every completed tracking sheet is eligible to receive a Gongshow Gear prize, new to the Players Club this year is a grand prize raffle. Every submitted tracking sheet gets you one entry into a grand prize draw of one of two $500 Gongshow Gear gift cards.

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