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Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk | Three Station Skills (All Ages)

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 10/07/16, 11:45AM EDT


Age-appropriate skills, drills and progressions

At the start of each season, the focus at all age-groups and all levels should be on skills and each practice should provide lots of opportunity for technical skill work building into individual tactics.

This practice sequence is a station-based and includes three drills that can be used from Novice to Midget.

Skating - Transition Races

Skating – Transition Races

  • Start with 2 lines each with two pylons in a vertical line.
  • Players start at bottom pylon, on coach’s signal the player’s race to top pylon, pivot and skate backwards to bottom pylon.
  • Repeat by pivoting the opposite way the next time.

Key Teaching Points

  • Efficient turns, blow as little snow as possible
  • Quick feet

Puck Control - 4 Pylon Agility

Puck Control – 4 Pylon Agility

  • Place 4 pylons around a circle or anywhere on the ice.
  • Players start by carrying a puck and stickhandling around the pylons in a random fashion.
  • Progression – add a second player and have them challenge each other instead of avoiding each other
  • Progression – two players, one puck and they have to support each other by passing the puck back and forth while facing each other.
  • Progression – have one player stationary on wall and pass back and forth, to work on puck support. Skate and pass, or one touch

Key Teaching points

  • Keep feet moving, be creative, and go as fast as possible – quick feet and quick hands
  • Always be ready to pass and receive – Expect the Pass

Scoring - Corner Puck Protect

Scoring – Corner Puck Protect

  • Players start in corner with pucks.
  • Place a couple of obstacles on the top of the circle to act as a defenceman’s stick (Stick on pylon , Assistant coach, etc...)
  • Players have to open up, and protect the puck going by the obstacle – finish with shot on net
  • Change corners so players work on both forehand and backhand sides

Key Teaching Points

  • Open up with heel to heel move, and move puck back towards the back foot to protect it at the same time.

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