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Surprise Goalies With a Quick Release

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/14/14, 5:00AM EST


Master the Stickhandle and Quick Release in Week 8 of the 5000 Puck Challenge

Goalies have become extremely elite in today’s game and getting pucks by them has become increasingly challenging. Players realize now it is rare to simply blow a puck by a goalie, you need to develop an extremely quick and accurate release to find the back of the net.

Kopitar roofs one on Ben Bishop

In order to become a top goal scorer you need to be able to put the puck on net in a split second. Having the ability to do this will help catch goalies out of position, which will lead to more scoring chances and eventually more goals. This is why every player should practice this shooting technique, as it will help you release the puck quickly and unexpectedly. Time spent handling the puck gives the opposing players and goalies the time needed to position themselves to block the shot.

To practice this technique off the ice the shot includes a set up move prior to the shot reinforcing quick hands and quick release. First the player should pick a number of times they will stick handle the puck before they shoot (e.g. 1, 3, 5, or 7) and on the last one quickly snap the puck on goal. Similar to the wrist shot and snap shot the grip tightens as the puck is propelled with a snap of the wrists. In one motion the top hand snaps forward towards the body while the wrist is extended the bottom wrist flexes and whips the stick towards the target the puck is shot in front of the players body meaning the shot will not have enough power but if executed properly will not allow the goalie time to set up for the shot 

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So, how well do you think your shot would improve if you were to take 5000 shots over a 10-week period? Think it can’t be done? Think again! We have created a plan for players of all ages and abilities to follow over 10 weeks to increase shot speed, quickness and accuracy.

To develop your shooting & scoring skills at home check out the OMHA Players Club and the 5000 Puck Challenge.