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Change the Angle to Increase Scoring

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/30/14, 5:00AM EST


Master the Drag & Shoot in Week 6 of the 5000 Puck Challenge

There are many different aspects of a shot that makes up a well rounded shooter and goal scorer. It is not simply about the release or the power of the shot. Figuring out ways to make it difficult for a goalie to stop the shot will create the best opportunities to find the back of the net more often.

Changing the angle of the puck during delivery of the shot will make it extremely difficult for the goalie to readjust and be ready for the shot.  

Stamkos drags puck and fires to top corner

Taking the Shot

The Drag & Shoot is an effective shot but one that is hard to master. The reason that changing the angle is so important is because the goalie bases his position in the net based on the puck on your stick. Many players think it's based on what they see through their own eyes but that's sometimes a 4 foot difference and definitely a different angle. The goalie is prepared for a shot in a regular shooting motion which is usually 3 – 4 feet away from a player’s body. If the puck is outside of that zone, say 5-6 feet, pulling it towards the body and shooting from close to the skates will change the angle for the goalie by 5-6 feet in a fraction of a second. This is an awkward shooting motion and must be practiced. The farther you can pull the puck, the more the angle will change and the better chance there will be to score.

Things to Avoid

When taking this shot the player must be aware of the surroundings. When in a high traffic area exposing the puck away from your body makes it very susceptible to having the puck poked off your stick. If there is time and room to expose the puck and pull it in, that is the best time to use it. Otherwise the puck should be kept close to the body. Even when it is close to the body you can still change the angle, not by much but any change will help.  One thing to remember is you don’t want to pull it too close to the body because that makes it very difficult to generate any power in the shot. The more you practice the better you’ll get and you will be able to pull it in closer and closer. This is probably the biggest difference you can make in your wrist shots and snapshots that will generate more scoring opportunities.
If you ask any goalie around the harder shot to save is not the fastest one but the one that has the most change in angle. 

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