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Choosing the Right Goalie Gear for You

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 10/23/14, 11:30AM EDT


Buying new pads?Pro Hockey Life has 3 questions you should be asking yourself

Instead of being the guy who put the puck in the net you have decided to be the guy who stops the pucks. Your job is keep the red light off and the puck in front of the red line. To do this you need the equipment that best suits your needs. Pro Hockey Life has 3 tips every goalie needs to consider before going to buy that new set of pads.


  1. Why is there such a difference in price between the elite level product and the models below?
    The primary reason is due to where the pads are manufactured. Most elite level pads are domestically made here in Canada and are produced on a much smaller scale due to the extremely high level of craftsmanship. Pads below the elite level are primarily made off shore and are produced on a much larger scale making them less expensive to produce for the manufacturer. The other reason is based on the materials used to construct the pads. Elite level pads are constructed with the highest end materials internally and externally creating a pad that is lighter, more durable and overall better performing.
  2. Can I still get a quality pad if I’m not buying the elite level product?
    Absolutely. Similar to any product; as the price point comes down, materials used change and so too does the performance. That being said, manufacturers are building pads off shore today that most would not be able to tell the difference between them and a domestically made pad. The same construction methods are used to produce the pads and the quality of material being used has never been better, the same can be said about the craftsmanship that goes into building the pads.
  3. If the pads are so close in quality, how do I know if I should be buying an elite level pad?
    Choosing a new set of pads comes down to the goalies needs, which may include, weight, durability, flexibility, performance or all of these and of course price. Elite level pads do offer something more than just material upgrades and performance advantages than a lower price point pad, Elite is available for custom order providing the goalie the opportunity to build their pads to their own personal exact specifications and colors; lower price point pads do not offer this option.       

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