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Behind the "C"

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 10/17/14, 12:45PM EDT


A look at the Captains of the Minor Midget AAA Teams

We all strive to be accepted by our peers, to fit in, and to be respected. However, for a special group of people their goals and responsibilities go above and beyond this. Yes, the captain of a team must have these attributes, no question, but they must possess other key characteristics as well.

British General Bernard Montgomery, who served in WW1 and WW2 and is considered one of the greatest military leaders in the 20th Century, sums up leadership as, “the capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence.”

This is grand assignment for anyone who wants to lead of group of individuals. However, in Minor Midget AAA, the elite level of minor hockey, it takes special people to be able to lead. Here is a look at the captains of each team in OMHA Minor Midget AAA team

Davis is a power forward who does his best work down low in the offensive zone. He has a solid cycle game and is an excellent possession player. Teigen-Katsumi is consistently the first one on the forecheck and has an ability to separate the man from the puck, which in doing so, creates offence for his line mates.

A solid defender, Tristen is the prototypical stay at home defenseman. He works hard every shift and shows leadership with his constant effort. Park limits time and space against opposing players using his efficient skating ability and above average feet.

Borgatti is a smaller forward who plays the game like he’s 6’2”. He competes night after night against top end talent and does not disappoint. Andrew’s tenacity and compete level is second to none which pushes his teammates to be that much better; he is the engine for his team. In addition, Borgatti has an offensive touch leading the forwards offensively with his quick footwork and his ability to dart in and out of traffic.

A natural leader with his work ethic both on and off the ice, Blachowski, plays in every important situation for his team. He has an outstanding hockey IQ, sees the ice extremely well and rarely makes a mistake with the puck. 

Dawson is respected by his teammates as a leader both on and off the ice.  His dedication to preparing himself to perform every game by being at the rink on time, getting himself mentally ready and focusing on being the best he can be on the ice carries through to his teammates to do the same. Garcia is a consummate professional and beyond his years with maturity. 

The spark plug and engine for this Central Ontario team, Jacob combines an aggressiveness with a willingness to shoot the puck quite often. With a strong deceptive shot, that tends to frustrate goalies, Durham scores a lot of goals off the rush using his speed to the outside. With all that, Jacob does show a willingness to finish checks and does not shy away from the physical game when it presents itself.

Kody is a power forward who exudes tremendous strength on the puck and plays a very well disciplined game.  He is very respectful of his teammates and coaches and his demeanour on and off the ice is a model for many younger players. Fruhner is your typical, lead by example, captain.  

Noah is a gifted offensive player who has soft hands and a quick release. He leads by example and brings a hard work ethic every time he puts the skates on. He is a great teammate and seems to make everyone around him better.

Austin will be depended on to bring leadership to the Gryphons after playing up a year last season with the 98’ Gryphon team. Keating plays a complete 200 foot game and has no problem shooting or passing the puck in scoring situations. Not afraid of the corners, he is able to dart in and out of traffic creating offence for himself and his line mates. 

A gifted forward for the Hurricanes, Struthers possesses a lot of the assets scouts are looking for in order to move on the next level. Matthew has the ability to use his size and skating ability to get to areas to score and create offence when he is on the ice.

A smaller forward who packs a punch. Liam is a powerful physical player for his size and is not afraid of anyone at any size. Liam can put fear in the other team’s defenders, which allows him to gain control of the puck and create offence. Stevens also has a lethal shot and is a gifted forward who creates scoring chances night in, night out. 

An offensive threat every time he is on the ice, Mack can create offence for himself or his teammates on the rush. He is does not shy away from playing a physical down low style of game. Hancock has a tremendous ability to find open ice and put himself in situations to score. He possesses a booming shot, which he can use to beat goalies from almost anywhere in the offensive zone.

A hard working forward who plays responsible defense and can chip in offensively. Mason uses his speed to attack offensively and create offence for his line mates. He leads by example and is very good down low winning pucks.

Jericho has all the attributes of a great leader.  He is a 200-foot player and will do anything necessary to give his team a chance to win, including blocking shots fearlessly and battling for pucks.  He is a very coachable, the hardest worker on his team, and pulls the other players through the tough times.

Parker is the definition of a leader on and off the ice.  When he speaks the other guys in the dressing room listen. The greatest asset about Parker is that he does all the little things right.  He plays in all situations and wants to improve each and every day.  Bowman will be a success in hockey and all other aspects of life because of his character and integrity.

The leader on this team, Jack leads by example with his work ethic and never quit attitude. Ricketts plays a complete 200-foot game and can chip in offensively. He also has the ability to shut down other teams top players. Jack is fearless when competing for pucks, which allows extra space for his line mates.

A rugged defenseman, Christian plays a tough defensive game. Christian uses his physical attributes to finish checks making it difficult on opposing forwards to play in the corners or stand in front of the net. With his physical ability and mean streak, Streef does a great job at protecting his teammates.

A smooth skating defenceman, Josh leads by example with his work ethic on and off the ice. Josh plays against the other team’s top line every night as he has the skating ability and hockey smarts to shut down the top players in the province. Solid at both ends of the ice, Josh makes crisp, efficient passes on breakouts and is not afraid to join the rush.

A high-end talent, Brady has the ability to read the play and anticipate what the next couple of plays will be. An exceptional passer and playmaker, Gilmour makes everyone around him a better player. Also in Brady’s arsenal of skills, he possesses a quick and explosive stride, as well as, a deceptive shot.

Amedeo is a hard hitting in your face skilled defenseman that leads by example. An honor student in the classroom, his work ethic in the gym and his undeniable skills on the ice are his finest qualities.

A solid two-way centre, Lucas is a player every coach wants on his team. Plays an honest game each and every night. Works hard and competes every shift, which allows him to lead by example, a good reason why he was named team captain.

Jacob brings tenacity, hard work and a no quit attitude to the Wildcats’ team. He plays tough and can set the tone of a game with just one shift. His skill level is elite and he has the ability to generate offence at any given point. 

Liam is a smooth skating defenseman who moves the puck well.  He is the quarterback on the power play since he likes to pass more than shoot but is very efficient and effective in doing so. Ham has good hockey sense and makes the players around him better.

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