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Rise and Shine

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 02/07/14, 11:30AM EST


Your Guide to Olympic Coverage

If spending a small fortune to venture to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games is not in your budget, fear not, we have you covered! When Canada's Men's and Women's Hockey Team takes the ice for the first time during the Sochi Winter Olympics most Canadians will be at work or school. So throw on the jersey of your favourite Team Canada player and cheer with the nation as Canada try’s to defend gold. Use these helpful times and notes to make the most of your 2014 Olympic experience.


Men's Team Schedule

Feb 13 12:00 PM    CAN vs. NOR    
Feb 14 12:00 PM    CAN vs.  AUT
Feb 16 12:00 PM    FIN vs. CAN
Feb 18 Time TBD Qualification
Feb 19 Time TBD Quarterfinals

Feb 21 Time TBD Semifinals

Feb 22 10:00 AM Bronze Medal Game 
Feb 23 7:00 AM Gold Medal Game 

Women's Team Schedule

Feb 8 8:00 AM    CAN vs. SUI    
Feb 10 10:00 AM    FIN vs. CAN    
Feb 12 7:30 AM    CAN vs. USA
Feb 15 Time TBD Quarterfinals

Feb 17 Time TBD Semifinals

Feb 20 7:00 AM Bronze Medal Game 
Feb 20 12:00 PM Gold Medal Game 

Hypothetical All-Ontario Dream Team

This may not be that surprising but 11 of the 25 players chosen for the national men’s team, 11 of the 21 from the national women’s team and 12 of the 20 national sledge hockey players call Ontario home. Nonetheless, it made us wonder.


Stay up to date with these cool apps:


Olympic Hub: An official app from the International Olympic Committee, it collects athletes' social media posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into one feed. A recent check of Canadian posts showed snowboarder Derek Livingston sharing a picture of his acupuncture treatment and hockey player Caroline Ouellette treating herself to some chocolate cake in the days leading up to the Games. (iOS and Android)

A list of the Canadian Olympians who will be tweeting can be followed here.

Medal Alert: Another IOC app, it offers a schedule of events and allows users to sign up for alerts every time Canada (or any other country) wins a medal. CBC's app has a similar feature and can also send alerts for breaking news, final scores in hockey games and curling matches, or daily summaries. (iOS and Android)

Visa 360 Cam: This app is pretty gimmicky and only worth using once or twice but it is fun to play with. It gives users a close-up look at what it's like to compete in a few Olympic sports. Users can choose a number of different camera angles to watch training runs in alpine skiing, freestyle ski halfpipe, freestyle ski aerials, ski jumping, hockey, figure skating and ice dancing. (iOS and Android)

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