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Chalk Talk

Mastering the 10-Foot Pass

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/01/14, 8:30AM EST


The fundamental skill of passing is the foundation of all team play

The fundamental skill of passing is the foundation of all team play so, before introducing 5-man breakouts and neutral zone regroups, use the early part of the season to focus on the ability to give and take these short, quality passes.

The Sprint Support Pass drill is a confined space drill involves a quick series of give & goes and emphasizes player movement and the need for players to move to space after making a pass in order get it back.

  1. This drill starts with Player (P1) at top of the circle and additional players lined up at bottom of circle. First player in line (P2) initiates a pass to P1 at top of circle and immediately skates to hash mark on side of circle.
  2. P1 receives pass and returns puck to P2 on hash mark and sprints to opposite hash mark. 
  3.  P2 receives puck and passes to P1 on opposite hash mark and sprints to top of circle ready to receive the next pass
  4. P2 passes puck to P3 at bottom of circle and starts the drill again with P1 at top of circle. P2 finishes the drill by sprinting back into line.


  • Deliver, flat crisp passes
  • Maintain eye contact with passer; stay open
  • Keep stick on ice providing target
  • Only pass puck when player is available to receive puck
  • Move puck & move to space quickly (puck must move first)
  • Communicate verbally

This is a great drill to start practice or use as a warm-up – it gets a lot of players moving and working on multiple skills. It also reinforces the concept of quick and close support which will help in all areas of the ice.

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