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Drill of the Week

A Neutral Zone Transition Drill to Start your Practice

By CoachThem, 04/08/22, 1:00PM EDT


Drill of the Week: Salt Lake Offence/Defence presented by CoachThem


  • X1 skates to red line, pivots & backpeddles for pass from O1, O1 to wall support.
  • X1 pivots at blue line, pass to O1, O1 drives wide for shot on goal.
  • X1 skates to red line, backpeddles to blue line, pivots, picks up puck in corner, passes to O1.
  • O1 delays, passes to X1 for point shot.

Key Points

An excellent neutral zone transition drill to start your practice. Great for getting your player's feet moving and quality shots to get your goalies warmed up.

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