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Drill of the Week

Working on D-to-D Passes During Practice

By CoachThem, 02/23/22, 10:15AM EST


Drill of the Week: Designated Shooter


  • The drill starts with two offensive players from each line in front of their net and two designated shooters from either team on the wall (point) of the offensive zone. The coach will dump a puck in to start the game.  
  • The team that wins possession of the puck will work to move the puck to their teams designated shooters who can make "D-to-D" passes or use one-touch passing to create time and space for a shot on net. Only the designated shooters have the ability to shoot on net and can only do so after at least one (1) "D-to-D" pass.  
  • If the goalie covers the puck or a goal is scored the coach will dump a new puck in. If a rebound occurs, the net front players will battle for possession and move the puck to their designated shooters continuing play.
  • Be sure to rotate players through all positions and keep shifts to 30-45 seconds.

Key Points

  • The "Designated Shooter" game focuses on shooting skills and offensive and defensive net-front play. This drill emphasizes body position, puck battles, quick decision making and the importance of supporting the puck in and out of possession.

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