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Drill of the Week

Practicing Play on Both Sides of the Puck - Video

By CoachThem, 02/02/22, 12:45PM EST


Drill of the Week: 2-on-2 Staggered presented by CoachThem

This Drill of the Week created on CoachThem can be used as a warmup drill that mimics a game-like scenario and a full shift. Forwards and defenceman will find themselves on both sides of the puck. On defence, players will be forced to read the puck, work on gap control and body position while being on offence has them joining the rush and reading and reacting to create scoring opportunities. This drill can be repetitive to copy the intensity of a game.


  • On whistle, D1 passes to F1, F1 skates to red line.
  • D1 closes gap as F1 turns to attack vs D1.
  • Play out 1v1.
  • Next whistle, D2 and F2 repeat.
  • D1 & F1 jump in for full-ice 2v2 live play.
  • Next whistle repeat.

Key Points

  • Players need to read the rush and identify players.
  • Communicate with their teammate.
  • Gap control and body position are important.
  • Game like situation with intensity.

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