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What's Your Hockey Superstition?

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 01/19/22, 6:15PM EST


Even Crosby has his pre-game routine

Hockey players, like any athlete, can be a notoriously superstitious bunch. Finding a routine that brings a player a mental comfort and what they believe leads to success is often worth repeating. From OMHA locker rooms to the biggest superstars in the world, you’ll see that every player seems to have their own unique superstitions before, during or after a game.

Sidney Crosby told "They start spending time around me, they might pick up a few themselves. Or they might stay away from it depending on how they look at it. But it's one of those things that it's fun to see those things develop, especially when you have new guys come to the team. You don't talk about it. It doesn't need to be discussed. It just kind of develops and happens."

We put a callout on our Instagram channel to players about their hockey superstitions, and the main responses were:

  • Sitting in the same spot in the locker room
  • Eating the same pre-game meal
  • Taping my stick before each game
  • Goalies: Tapping the net posts
  • Tying up the left/right skate before the other
  • Last off the ice during warmups
  • Doing a special handshake with teammates
  • Playing the same song before each game

So, what's your hockey superstition? Let us know!

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