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The 5 Mental Health Checklist Reminders During Pause in Play

By HONE Athletics, 01/15/22, 10:15AM EST


How every player can adjust to meet the current moment

By HONE Athletics

Athletes. It’s been an interesting, and sometimes difficult, few years. You’ve been asked to pivot on a dime as the regulations have shifted. We’ve all had to adjust quickly.

As coaches and leaders, we want to commend you for taking on the challenges with composure and want to encourage you to continue meeting the moment with poise.

As we ease into 2022, we want to remind you:

Keep connected to your teammates.

Never forget that you’ve got each other, both in the game and out. That’s the magic of sport. We get to create community and community helps one another. Reach out and check on your teammates.

Stay engaged with your skills

We may be limited in our practice or game time for the moment, but there are all kinds of ways we can stay sharp in our skills at home. It’s not only going to make it easier to slide back into play, but keeps us connected to the game that we love.


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Use your skills out in the wider world.

Never forget that as an athlete you are training in much more than technical skills. You’re gaining valuable life skills; discipline, perseverance, self-improvement, leadership. Take those advantages and use them in the other areas of your life. Show discipline in tackling difficult school work. Help a friend persevere through a tough time. Find avenues for your leadership in your communities.

Find the positive.

How often do you assume the worst? People often say expect the worst, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you succeed. However, pessimism can undermine your performance. Take note of all wins and positives and you’ll notice it more often.

Embrace the unknown.

No matter how talented, smart, or capable one is,we cannot predict or control everything. All we can truly control are our own responses. Let’s decide to take on this moment with positivity and help those around us who need a little “pick me up” so they come along with us.

Let’s make 2022 an excellent learning moment for us all, athletes and coaches alike. Keep moving and let’s make sure to support one another. That’s what teams are for.

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