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The Best of 2021 You'll Want to See Again

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/29/21, 2:45PM EST


Our favourite posts from this year

It's hard to believe another calendar year is coming to a close. These last twelve months brought us ups and downs but most of all a return to hockey in September that we all were hoping would happen. Since then we've shared a number of tips and resources to help players and coaches improve, and here are some of our favourites.

Pasta can be a divisive food when it comes to meal prep and young athletes. Carbohydrates are an essential form of energy for players and pasta falls into that category. It is a great way to create energy stores leading up to a big game and a meal like this a day before will help players on the ice.

This beefy skillet pasta meal from HelloFresh also comes with a side of salad. The dressing is oil-based, which is a healthier option than creamy-style dressings. Plus, this is a great way for kids to help with the meal prep. The salad also uses spinach instead of lettuce – a more nutrient filled vegetable that adds iron.

The OMHA launched the Player Assist Program presented by Egg Farmers of Ontario, a pilot project to eliminate the cost of equipment for 350 hockey families across 10 minor hockey associations for players under 7 entering the game.

The sets include skates, shin pads, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, neck guard and helmet. The associations will retain the 350 sets of equipment at the conclusion of the hockey season to loan to players in following years, similar to loaning out a library book.

The OMHA Drill of the Week series presented by CoachThem returned another season, providing coaches and teams with new ideas of practice drills. With CoachThem, digital drill drawing has never been easier. Select your template, choose your objects and use your mouse, finger or digital pencil to bring your drills to life.

Keep your skills sharp at home with at-home hockey training in the Hockey Labs! Develop your game in all of the important areas with guided lessons and track your progress over the coming weeks. Want to work on your shooting? What about focusing on your passing? Or how about staying in game shape? Video tutorials are available for all areas of the game to review before your reps. When done with each activity, enter the amount of reps completed to earn XP points. Complete the daily workout to earn points and gain entry to the weekly prize draw.

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