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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: Plunger - Touch and Up

By CoachThem, 12/02/21, 9:45AM EST


Start your practice off the right way

This Drill of the Week presented by CoachThem is a great warmup drill for the start of any practice. It involves four players so every member of the team gets involved quickly. The drill focuses on one-touch passing and providing support.


  • F1 skates through the dots and passes to D1.
  • D1 passes to D2 who passes back to D1, who passes back to F1 circling low inside blue line. 
  • F1 then drives wide into the offensive zone for the shot.

Key Points

  • Accelerate into the pass, keep eyes on passer.
  • D keep their feet moving and execute one-touch passing.
  • F1 should open pivot and provide quick and close support.

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