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Drill of the Week: Traffic

By CoachThem, 11/23/21, 4:00PM EST


Goalies need to battle to see the puck through screens

When it comes to traffic play, goalies must battle hard to see the puck. It is important for goalies to find the puck through a screen.

The most efficient ways are to look around and over opposing players. In this drill, goalies will have to track the puck while moving and a screen set up at the top of the crease.


  • X1 starts in front and screens the goalie.
  • X2 passes cross-ice to X3, X3 passes to X4 who shoots on net.
  • Goalie must find and follow the puck. X2 crashes the net after the initial pass and goes for rebound.

Key Points

  • Battle to look for the puck while moving.
  • Look over top and around player.
  • Butterfly save will be best choice with a tight compact position.

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