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Why We're Excited For The New Season

By Respect Group, 10/15/21, 10:45AM EDT


What we're looking forward to at the rink presented by Respect Group

It’s so much fun that another hockey season is already underway!

With school in full swing and ice in our rinks, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about another year of the sport we love.

We worked on our skills all summer and now it's time to put them to good use. Here are just some of the reasons that the new hockey season has us excited:

Showing Off Our Skills

Maybe you worked on mastering a new skill in the off-season. It's time to show that on the ice. Perhaps you picked up a basketball and baseball and became a more well-rounded athlete. It’s an exciting time to see how much we’ve improved over the summer months and to show all the new skills we've learned.

Hey Friends!

Our teammates are more than just that, they become our friends and family. It’s great to see old faces again and to welcome new players onto the team. We will spend most of our year with this group and we can’t wait to go on the journey together. Let's work as a team on and off the ice to become better players and people.

Circle the Calendar

That annual tournament is just around the corner! We are counting down the days until we hit the road for one of the most fun times of the year. From pizza parties to visiting local attractions, tournaments are one of the best tools for team bonding off the ice. It's not too late to sign up - find the perfect tournament for your team.

Proud to Represent

Every time we put on our jerseys we are representing our hometown. We get to showcase the pride we have in where we are from when we hit the ice. Being respectful at the rink shows that we care about others and want to leave a positive impression on those around us. Let's represent our team well.

When we volunteer at a food bank or assist in a charity event, we proudly wear our jerseys. The community shows our team a lot of support and we can hear their cheers on the ice so we are happy to give back some of our time to make our neighborhood a better place.

It's a Balancing Act

It’s important to use our time wisely. With homework now being added to our daily schedules, creating a plan for managing our time with hockey becomes ever more crucial. Both homework and hockey are important and giving maximum effort in both will only lead to more success.

Time management is an important tool that we will use this season. Getting the proper amount of sleep and eating the right kinds of food will help us on the ice. These are some of the responsibilities that players can help to take on at home.

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