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Outcomes of the 2021 OMHA AGM

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 06/14/21, 7:00PM EDT


Results of notices of motion, awards

On behalf of the OMHA Board, a thank you is extended to all the Delegates and attendees for taking the time to attend and participate in the virtual 2021 OMHA Annual General Meeting. While it may have felt a bit different this year, we appreciate your flexibility in attending the online meeting.

Please find the outcomes of the Notices of Motion below.

Board of Directors

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association is pleased to announce its 2020-21 Board of Directors, effective immediately.
Name Title
Bob Hill President
Rob Ring Immediate Past President
Cheryl Brown Vice President Eastern District
Peter Harmsen Vice President Central District
Craig Lane Vice President Western District
Linda Ralf Treasurer
Colleen Hawthorne Regional Director - Region 1
Dean Johnson Regional Director - Region 1
Louanne Fakelman Regional Director - Region 2
Mark Hooper Regional Director - Region 2
Paul Wilson Regional Director - Region 3
Paul Allan Regional Director - Region 3
Steven Parker Regional Director - Region 4
Greig Baxter Regional Director - Region 4
Adam Parent Regional Director - Region 5
Andy Cooke Regional Director - Region 5
Cathy Baker-Bell Regional Director - Region 6
Suzanne Terpstra Regional Director - Region 6
Dave Garinger W.O.A.A. Representative

Notices of Motion

Please find a summary below of the results of the deliberations of the Notices of Motion by the Membership from the 2021 OMHA AGM.

Notice of Motion Amendment To Result
2021-01 Various – Housekeeping Carried
2021-02 By-Law One Article 6.3 Meetings of the Members – Voter Eligibility Defeated
2021-03 By-Law One Article 6.6.d) Meetings of the Members – NEW Carried
2021-04 By-Law One Article 6.7 Meetings of the Members – No Proxies Defeated
2021-05 By-Law One Article 6.13 Meetings of the Members – NEW Carried
2021-06 By-Law One Article 6.14 Meetings of the Members – NEW Carried
2021-07 By-Law One Article 9.2 c), d) Board of Directors Meetings – NEW Carried
2021-08 By-Law One Article 9.6 Board of Directors Meetings – Quorum Carried
2021-09 By-Law One Article 12.1 c) Committees of the Board – Standing Committees Carried
2021-10 By-Law One Article 18.4 Passing and Amending By-Laws Carried
2021-11 Regulation 1.0 Definitions - NEW Carried
2021-12 Regulation - 3.5 b) Player Eligibility - Current Methods of Player Movement Carried
2021-13 Regulation - 3.5 c) iv) 5 Additional Method of Player Movement for NonResident Players to AA or A Carried
2021-14 Regulation 18.2 c) Referee Responsibilities – Restrictions Carried
2021-15 Regulation 18.6 Game Officials - Mileage Carried
2021-16 Regulation 18.7 a) Referee Responsibilities Carried
2021-17 Regulation – 19.1 i) Tournaments – Hosting Regulations Carried
2021-18 Regulation – 20.2 d) AAA Zone Regulations – Application for AAA Zone Status Carried
2021-19 Regulation – 20.4 e) AAA Zone Regulations – Player Tryout Carried
2021-20 Regulation – 20.4 f), g) AAA Zone Regulations – Player Tryout Carried


We'd also like to take another moment to acknowledge the three award winners from this past season.

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