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The Unwritten Rules of Street Hockey

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 06/23/21, 1:15PM EDT


How to have a fair, safe and fun experience outside

With summer weather here and outdoor restrictions being eased we can safely participate in outdoor road hockey with our friends and neighbours. This is a great way to keep our skills fresh ahead of the upcoming season while also benefitting from fun, active social interactions. Kids of all ages and skill levels can participate together. Road hockey can be played in any area with quiet road traffic but there are a few important rules that still need to be followed.

Creating Teams
Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve got your players, now how do you divide them into two teams? Each neighbourhood may have their own rules but the universal concept is everyone puts their stick in the middle and the teams are randomly selected by separating them into two piles. If there is an extra player, have the team make a sub after each goal so that everyone has a fair amount of playing time.

It is recommended that you use a ball or puck specifically made for street hockey. These work best to move along a concrete surface more than a traditional puck. Because of the rougher playing surface, players should use a specific street for road hockey instead of one they’d use on the ice. Players can wear gloves if they choose. Due to the smaller playing area, running shoes are recommended over rollerblades, especially if not everyone has the same footwear. Goalies should still wear their pads, blocker, gloves and helmet.

Road hockey games typically involve just one net and goalie so gameplay needs to be adjusted accordingly. Give the other team half after a goal and a moment to get set before continuing to play. If you shoot the ball past the net, it is your responsibility to go get it. Keep sticks below the waist. When a car comes, yell out ‘car’ and move the nets and any gear off of the road.

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