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How Realistic Is Mighty Ducks: Game Changers?

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 04/07/21, 2:00PM EDT


Comparing the new show to real life minor hockey

It’s a childhood classic for a generation of hockey fans. Now streaming weekly on Disney+, the new The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers series offers a throwback to years ago and reminds us why we love the franchise so much.

There are many lessons offered within the first two episodes that tie into minor hockey as we know it. From team building to friendships, the series can serve as a lighthearted reflection of what it’s like to go to the rink.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the series yet.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of minor hockey. Mom and Dad often serve multiple roles as the driver, cook and scheduler. Parents play a vital role in making the minor hockey experience happen. In the opening scene we see Alex, the Hockey Mom, juggle her schedule between work commitments and taking her son Evan to the rink in time for tryouts. Plus, when she eventually pulls double duty as coach and team manager it increases her responsibilities at the rink – all to make create a positive environment for her players.

Playing for the love of the game

“We’re here to win, not to have fun.” That is a quote from the new Ducks coach explaining to the parents at tryouts why their kid didn’t make the team. This season we’ve realized how much we love the game of hockey and how lucky we are to be able to get onto the ice. The new team created is made up of players of varying skill levels and hockey experience who just want to play the sport together.

You don’t need the most expensive equipment

When Logan, the new kid in town, moves into the neighbourhood he enters the first practice with a $900 pair of skates. However, it’s clear when he steps onto the ice that he may need a few more skating lessons. The most expensive equipment won’t make you a better player. Safety and having the proper fit should be the first factors when deciding what equipment to use. Plus, it helps save on the overall hockey budget.

Hockey is for everyone

The group of ‘Don’t Bothers’ put together is a mix of players of different hockey backgrounds. Some have never skated before, others have years of experience under their belts. What brings them together is the team atmosphere of creating a positive outlet for every player to be themselves. Their first practice was about team building, because what happens off the ice can help bring a team closer together.

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