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Hockey Academy

Hockey Academy: The Bonuses of Signing Up

By OMHA Hockey Academy, 02/20/21, 10:15AM EST


New homepage goes behind the scenes of everything included with registration


The OMHA Hockey Academy was designed by former New Jersey Devils captain Bryce Salvador to help minor hockey players train like the pros with curated daily workouts, skills and fitness sessions. Train, earn points and win prizes with an interactive, video-based virtual training platform.

With new daily workouts for each age group, athletes can log in and expect a new workout curated by hockey professionals.

Work on a variety of hockey-specific exercises, shooting, stickhandling, and passing drills, all designed to be completed with minimal equipment and from the comfort of your home.


This is what you will receive upon registration:

  • Welcome gift pack (estimated value of $40.00, shipping may be delayed)
  • Exclusive access to online tracking portal to keep track of your reps
  • Tutorial videos and tips on getting the most out of each drill
  • Entrance to win weekly prize draws
  • One year subscription for $120/year ($10.00 per month)
  • Use promo code OMHA99 for a discount when you sign up!


As long as you have an area to practice, a stick, a puck (or ball) and something to shoot at, you are ready to get started.

Those time management skills you’ve learned at the rink help to create a daily and weekly practice plan to ensure you’re being the most effective in your reps. Try to find a consistent time in your day that will be dedicated to completing the drills.

Check out the new and improved homepage!



When you are ready to dive in, go to the Daily Workout where you'll find a fresh training session that includes stick skills, shooting, and cardio exercises. If you want to train a specific skill, go to the Training Library for drills and exercises to improve your game. Players will quickly notice that the repetition is the key to unlocking skill improvement.

Find a dedicated area in the driveway or basement that gives you enough room to move around and shoot pucks. A flat surface is important for puck handling and for safe movement.

Players shouldn’t rush through the drills – they should be are designed to be done with meaningful action. Don’t just do each day’s requirements to get it over with. Make sure that you are doing each drill correctly by following the tutorials. Mastering the technique will help improve your skills and make the time spent on the challenges worth it.


SHOOTING 4 Corners Hit all four corners in only four shots once a day for five days. As you progress, focus on increasing your speed. Switch up the order of the corners to add another layer of difficulty and test your muscle memory.
PASSING Saucer Pass Between opponent’s sticks blocking passing lanes and defenders trying to break-up odd man rushes there are many tactics used by a defender to disrupt a team's offensive strategies. Players who have the saucer pass in their skill set create more options for themselves while on offence.
STICKHANDLING Figure 8 The Figure 8 drill is a great stickhandling drill to improve your puck control skills. It can give you the confidence needed to challenge defenders 1-on-1 or make quick moves around obstacles such as a defender’s stick.
STICKHANDLING X and V The V and X drills are excellent exercises to help reinforce the proper mechanics of your hands when stickhandling.



"his favorite part has been the variety. He really enjoys the workouts and working on different shots. He noted taking a hundred shots can be repetitive but adding the workouts and different shots each day is more engaging for himself. the reward of points has further enticed his interest. I also like the lessons are age appropriate and if a little complicated, I CAN review with him based on the information provided."

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