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Target Practice: Can You Hit 4 Corners in 4 Shots?

By OMHA Hockey Academy, 02/10/21, 3:00PM EST


Think it's easy? See how the pros do it

Photo Credit: Brian Woo Photography

The ability to shoot the puck in a variety of game situations is an important skill in the complete player’s toolbox. 

There are very few times in a game when a player is in the perfect position to shoot the puck. If a player waited to be in the ideal shooting position, the number of shots and scoring opportunities would be dramatically reduced. No matter what position you are in when shooting the puck, you’ll need to be accurate to hit the net.

Here are 3 tips to help improve your shooting accuracy.

1. Look Where You Shoot

One of the most repeated phrases in hockey is ‘keep your head up’. This is also true for passing and shooting.  Whenever you have the puck and are preparing to shoot, make sure to look for options and choose your target.

2. Point with your chest and feet

Just as your feet guide you when skating, they also help guide your shooting. If you align your body, mainly your chest and feet before you shoot, your accuracy will improve. For this drill, remember to transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot, as it will transfer energy in the direction of the shot and improve power.

3. Remember to Follow Through with Purpose

Your follow through will guide your shot placement. Follow through high for a high shot, and low for a low shot. Another tip to improve accuracy when following through is to point the toe of your stick blade at your target. Try this, and with practice you will begin to see improved accuracy.


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Once you’re comfortable with your accuracy, randomize your shot order because you never know what’s going to be open in game situations. To improve your accuracy, it’s all about your technique and practice. With good technique and increased repetition, your muscle memory will improve.

To complete this challenge: Hit all four corners in only four shots once a day for five days. As you progress, focus on increasing your speed. Switch up the order of the corners to add another layer of difficulty and test your muscle memory.

Think it’s easy? Check out the NHL All-Star Skills Challenge to see how the pros do.

If you need more tips, or want to win prizing for completing this challenge, check out the OMHA Hockey Academy. Think you can get this challenge done? We’d love to see your videos and share them for other players to see!

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