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Drill of the Week: 3 on 3 Transition

By CoachThem, 11/25/20, 2:00PM EST


Reacting quickly on offence and defence in small area games


Game begins with the coach passing the puck to one team. That team is on offence. Offensive team should move throughout the zone looking to create scoring opportunities. Defensive team is looking to take away passing lanes and force a turnover. Upon forcing a turnover, the defensive team must get the puck to the coach on the blue line. The coach has the option of moving across the blueline or remaining stationary. Once the defensive team successfully gets the puck to the coach, they are now the offensive team.

Key Points

Game like situation; players must play both offence and defence low in the zone while utilizing the point to create scoring opportunities or simulate a breakout. Players should react quickly to create scoring opportunities off of the transition.

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