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5 Revolutionary Apps to Add to Your Coaching Toolbox

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 09/26/20, 11:45AM EDT


Resources for coaches should always be evolving

A coach’s toolbox should always be evolving, and with easy access to technology, the ability to utilize multiple resources has never been easier. Having access to all of your resources in one place allows teams to plan and communicate efficiently throughout the season and be ready when they arrive at the rink.  

The utilization of technology also allows coaches to network with other coaches to share ideas and best practices. There are many programs available for coaches to utilize and take advantage of bringing technology to the rink. 

The resources listed below support coaches during the season when creating drills and practice plans and track the development of players throughout the season. They can also support teams by helping them communicate effectively and schedule team activities such as fundraisers.

These are the five digital resources every coach and team should have:

Hockey Canada Network

The Hockey Canada Network gives coaches and players the tools to succeed with drills, skills, videos, practice plans and articles on your tablet or phone. In addition to hundreds of drills, the Hockey Canada Network offers comprehensive practice plans. Each plan gives you a series of drills and training advice to use within a single practice, or over several weeks.


One of a coach’s most valuable tools is their coaching board. With CoachThem, coaches can design drills and create practice plans right on their device and save them. Collaborating and sharing with out coaches has never been easier. Tag your drills, create descriptions of how they are run and emphasize the key points. CoachThem is a collaborative tool to make everyone better.

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The ability to chart improvement within our players over the course of the season is important to ensure players are developing the right skills at the right ages. With a customizable hockey player evaluation platform, TeamGenius provides an administrative web backend for coaches to prepare for evaluations by setting up criteria, uploading players, scheduling sessions, and more. Coaches then utilize a user-friendly mobile app to evaluate players in real time, with a deeper view into the data they need to make for areas to focus on development.

Hockey Intelligym

When talking about ‘hockey smarts’ it is often an intangible skill. How a player sees the ice can’t always be measured. The Hockey IntelliGym is a breakthrough and patented cognitive training technology that develops hockey sense and has been scientifically proven to improve player safety. IntelliGym has been used by thousands of players to heighten spatial awareness, recognize better anticipation of the play, and ultimately make better decisions under pressure.


Hockey fundraising has never been easier. With FlipGive’s free digital team funding platform, teams can invite parents and supporters such as grandparents to earn cash back for online shopping and gift card purchases to help with the return to sport. Traditional, time consuming fundraising methods like bottle drives and car washes can now be done right from the comfort of your own home.

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