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What Did You Learn Away From Hockey?

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 08/17/20, 4:00PM EDT


How have you improved since the end of the season

These last few months have given everyone a time to reflect and made us appreciate the things in life that we took for granted. After we saw how quickly things could be taken away it is easier now to understand why we love what we do. We’ve never had the opportunity to have so much time on our hands that sometimes we don’t know what to do with it. Now that the hockey season is just a few weeks away, the hope is that we can all look in the mirror and say we’ve used this time for good.

We are all looking forward to different things. For many, it’s simply a sense of normalcy. While things aren’t exactly how they ‘used to be’ we will need to be accepting of the new normal just as we have been through other aspects of our lives. The question is: What will you be proud of when you come back to the rink?

Over the past few months we’ve been using our teamwork skills in a different way. By working together with our neighborhoods and communities we’ve been able to keep everyone safe. Coaches – the life lessons you taught off of the ice came into full effect. The relationships you instilled between your players gave us the true definition of being a team. We’ve stayed connected and supported each other through Zoom meetings and team challenges, truly showing what it means to be a teammate.

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Development was put into our own hands. Coaches had time to research and work on their practice plans for the upcoming season. Players dedicated countless hours in basements and driveways to work on their skating and shooting. We hope these efforts are translated on the ice in just a few weeks.

This time has taught us about ourselves and those around us. Maybe players took an extra responsibility at home through chores and cooking, giving parents a well-deserved break. Kids looked up to their parents to see how they handled the stresses of social distancing. We’ve learned patience and resilience as we transfer even more of our lives online.

Having a sudden break from hockey allows us to reconnect with the sport we love. Our routines have changed but the skills needed to succeed are still the same – proper sleep and nutrition, hard work. One day, hopefully soon, we will be able to put this in our rear view mirror and know that we took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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