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How Many Pucks Can Your Team Shoot Over Four Weeks?

By HockeyShot, 04/18/20, 11:45AM EDT


5,000 Puck Team Challenge with HockeyShot prizing

As our lives have become increasingly digital it has brought a sudden change into our daily routines. By spending more time at home, children have more time for schoolwork, practice and activities. There are a number of resources available for players to stay active indoors that cover a number of different skill areas. 

The OMHA Players Club presented by HockeyShot has created a four-week team competition for the 5000 Puck Challenge to keep improving on their hockey skills at home. While teammates may be apart, they can still work together. Basement or garage, backyard or driveway, each player has their own unique setup - as long as everyone has a net, stick and puck/ball they can participate!


Players can submit their total number of pucks shot and it will be applied towards their team's total. At the end of each week a leaderboard will be posted. At the end of the four week challenge the team with the most pucks will receive the grand prize - a HockeyShot Gift Card for each player on the team!

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A More Powerful and Accurate Shot

Every player wants to be able to score more goals and help their team win. Players should notice improvement in their shot power and accuracy when they complete the 5,000 Puck Challenge. If they are practicing shooting, why not keep track of their progress and see their results of their hard work? The challenge offers a structured, organized timeline for players to manage their time and effort to get the most out of the program.

Get Started

As mentioned on the tracking sheet, the daily goal of the program is 100 shots a day for five days a week. These are meant to be meaningful, diligent shots with a focus on technique, not rushing through each motion to get the numbers higher. Pick your shot, watch the Youtube tutorials, and get started!

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