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Using a Quick Release to Keep Goalies Guessing

By HockeyShot, 12/27/19, 9:30AM EST


Quick Release Drill from the OMHA Players Club presented by HockeyShot

Photo Credit: Tim Bates/OJHL Images

It is rare that a player will be able to get a shot on net in their ideal spot on the ice. We all can’t be Alex Ovechkin waiting at the left faceoff circle to fire off a one-timer. Adding in stick-handling before a shot keeps the goalie guessing helps players become comfortable with the puck on their stick in any situation.

The Stick Handle and Quick Release drill includes a setup move prior to the shot, reinforcing quick hands and a quick release. The player executes one quick stickhandle and quickly snaps the puck on goal. Similar to the wrist shot and snap shot, the grip tightens as the puck is propelled with a snap of the wrists. In one motion, the top hand snaps forward toward the body while the wrist is extended. The bottom wrist flexes and whips the stick towards the target.

The puck is shot from in front of the player’s body, meaning the shot will not have as much power as a wrist or slap shot. If executed properly, it will not allow the goalie time to set up for the shot for increases your chances of finding the back of the net.

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