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Have a Harder Shot by Improving Your Balance

By Mark Fitzgerald, Elite Training Systems, 11/11/19, 3:00PM EST


Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach

Having a strong core is important for any activity you do on the ice. It increases balance which is necessary when shooting for power and staying upright during body contact.


An exercise to increase core strength through holding extensions of the arms and legs.

What You Need: A flat surface, running shoes, athletic clothing.

Body Position: Start by lying on your back.

The Movement:

  • Lie on your back, pushing your lower back into the floor. Bend and lift the knees so they are at a 90 degree angle. Raise your arms straight up over your chest.
  • Push your legs out straight so they are slightly elevated over the floor. Keep your arms straight and move them backwards above your head, slightly elevated over the floor. Stay strong through your trunk and hold for three seconds. Pulling the toes back to the shin, reset into the original position.
  • Work five to six repetitions with a three second hold. For the second progression, lift your chest off the floor with your legs still extended. Reset for eight repetitions.
  • For the third progression, enter the same start position. Extend the opposite arm with the opposite leg (right arm, left leg or left arm, right leg) and hold for three seconds before resetting and doing the other combination.

The Breakdown: This series is a great way to activate through the hips, trunks and spine. It can be done before or after a practice. It is a good exercise to do before getting into a workout as it gets the body ready to move and loosens the core muscle group.

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Mark Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Elite Training Systems as well, as the ETS Athlete Development App. In addition, Fitzgerald is head of Performance Training for the Anaheim Ducks, Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour and a member of the Under Armour Global Team.

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