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Showing Our Commitment to The Code

By TELUS and Hockey Canada, 10/23/19, 12:00PM EDT


Making a pledge that everyone can be a good digital citizen

Imagine if the best things about sport – ethics, honour, teamwork and sportsmanship – carried over to the online world as well. Hockey should be a safe, welcoming environment for players of all skill levels and background. Players should look forward to coming to the rink every day to spend time with their teammates and friends.

The OMHA is proud to team up with Hockey Canada and TELUS to create The Code to #EndBullying, a program designed specifically for the hockey community. The Code is a program of grassroots activities and workshops designed to raise awareness, educate the hockey community and help hockey families safely navigate the online world. The Code is a way for us to show our shared commitment to #EndBullying.

The Code is also a pledge that every player, fan, coach, parent, official, volunteer or administrator can make to be a good digital citizen and a great teammate.

There are three parts to The Code:

  • The Code Pledge
  • The Code Playbook
  • The Code workshops for parents and youth

Parents and coaches have a great influence over players that reaches far beyond the rink. You're also mentors, leaders, and a friend. That's why your help makes it easier for all kids to choose positive behaviours, both on and off the ice. If you pledge to live by The Code, so will your players.

It will take a team effort to #EndBullying, so commit to being a good sport on and off the ice and sign The Code at today! Together we can #EndBullying and make our online and hockey communities friendlier spaces. Thank you for helping to make a difference.

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