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Become a Better Skater by Adding Hip Flexibility

By Mark Fitzgerald, Elite Training Systems, 09/07/19, 8:45AM EDT


Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach

Players constantly need upper and lower body mobility to skate faster and use smoother movements on the ice. Using the hips is key to get the most out of each long stride and the increased flexibility is useful when changing direction and speed.


An exercise to increase hip mobility and strength through activation of the waist and legs.

What You Need: A flat surface, running shoes, athletic clothing.

Body Position: Start on all fours with shoulders overtop of the hands and hips overtop of the knees.

The Movement:

  • Drop your chest through your shoulders, still holding the body position briefly. Push into the floor with your hands and pull the spine up. Hold before resetting into the original position.
  • Push into the floor through your hands into a Downward Dog position with hips high and unlocked knees. Your toes should be on the ground with your heels slightly elevated.
  • Extend the hip and push one foot upward, keeping your shoulders stable. Hold for two seconds. Reset into the Downward Dog. Repeat with the other foot and reset into the original position.
  • Repeat 6-8 times.

The Breakdown: Move slowly and take your time to hit each position and maximize hip extension. Rushing to complete the exercise won’t get the most out of your energy. This is a good drill to use before a workout or warmup and can be done as an individual or group.

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Mark Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Elite Training Systems as well, as the ETS Athlete Development App. In addition, Fitzgerald is head of Performance Training for the Anaheim Ducks, Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour and a member of the Under Armour Global Team.

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