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Using Your Hand-Eye Coordination to Pull Off a One-Timer

By HockeyShot, 04/23/19, 1:15PM EDT


One-Timer Drill from the OMHA Players Club presented by HockeyShot

Photo Credit: Picture Day Photography

A difficult skill to master but one well worth practicing, the one-timer slap shot can be executed while stationary or in motion. A lot has to go right for it to be successful but little things like angling and body position can have a big impact and save precious seconds on offence. It is an effective shot to use before the defence has an opportunity to set up.

Those learning the one-timer may fan on the shot or not get enough power behind it as they start to become more comfortable with the technique. Like any skill-building exercise, don't get discouraged if it takes a few reps to see results!


Players should set up facing the pass and sideways to the target.

  • Time the backswing so the downward swing begins as the puck approaches.
  • Transfer the weight from the back leg to the stick to the front leg.
  • Lock the wrists as the stick comes into contact with the ice just behind the puck. Snap the wrists on contact with the puck.
  • Keep the blade face closed to keep the puck down and hard.
  • If closer to the net, eliminate the back swing and use a sweeping motion with the face of the blade open to get the puck up quickly.

The one-timer takes a great deal of hand-eye coordination and near-precise timing from the shooter. When it connects, it can leave both defenders and goalies out of position, increasing the chances of scoring a goal.

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