Stages 6-9: Increasing Hockey Specific

Train To Train – Male 12-16, Female 11-15 PROVINCIAL

The focus during this stage is on building an aerobic base, developing speed and strength and further developing and consolidating sport specific technical skills with an increased emphasis on hockey and a reduction in the number of other sports played. This phase will also include the introduction and development of individual and group tactics. Social and emotional considerations are addressed by placing an emphasis on team-building, group interaction and social activities.

Train To Compete – Male 16-17, Female 16-18 NATIONAL

During this stage players will participate in training with a focus on position specific technical and tactical preparation.There is as emphasis on fitness preparation and the development of position specific technical and tactical skills under competitive conditions. Important objectives are the development of aerobic capacity, power, self awareness and independence. The player may be introduced to international competitive experience at the end of this stage.

Train To Win – Male 18-20, Female 18-22 INTERNATIONAL

During this stage the player’s physical, technical, tactical (including decision-making skills), mental, personal and lifestyle capacities are fully established and the emphasis in training has shifted to the maximization of performance. High performance sport specialist support is optimized, as is fitness and medical monitoring. Modeling all possible aspects of training and performance.

Excel – Male 21+, Female 22+ INTERNATIONAL

It is at this stage that all systems, including physical preparation, testing or monitoring and others which are supportive in nature, are fully maximized and refined to ensure excellence at the highest competitive levels (i.e., the Olympic Games and World Championships).Players continue to enjoy competition and training at the highest level with a focus on maintaining or improving technical, tactical, physical, and ancillary capacities.



Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps

Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps are a one or two-day event open to players playing in Atom & Peewee divisions (9-12 years of age)

Program of Excellence

Hockey Canada established the Program of Excellence to identify the top calibre hockey players at specific age categories and to provide these players with an opportunity to participate against international competition.