Stages 1-5: Physical Literacy

Discovery – Male and Female 0-4 COMMUNITY

This is an important period for acquiring fundamental movement skills (running, gliding, jumping, kicking, catching…) that lay the foundation for more complex movements, thereby preparing children for a physically active lifestyle. Hockey Canada encourages children to begin skating at an early age through Discovery Hockey programs.

Fundamentals 1– Male and Female 5-6 COMMUNITY/LOCAL

The focus is on the development of physical literacy. Fundamental movement skills should be mastered and motor development emphasized, and participation in many sports/activities is encouraged. For optimal skill acquisition, the basic hockey skills of skating and puck control are introduced through the U7 Program. FUN competitions are also introduced in a team environment.

Fundamentals 2– Male and Female 7-8 LOCAL

During this period players continue to develop motor skills and coordination. Practices sessions should be held twice a week during the season. Ongoing participation in compatible sports is strongly encouraged. The U9 Skills Program is designed to promote the continued development of physical literacy, fitness, and the basic skills required to play hockey.

Learn To Play – Male 9-10, Female 8-9 LOCAL/PROVINCIAL

This stage is the beginning of the most important window to develop the fine motor skills on an individual technical skill basis that leads to utilizing these skills into individual and team tactics later on. During this phase, prior to the beginning of the growth spurt, players have the best opportunity to learn and begin to master fine motor skills that can be used in combination with other skills. In most cases what is learned or not learned in this stage will have a very significant effect on the level of play that is achieved later on. Players should be able to begin to transfer skills and concepts from practices to games.

Learn To Train – Male 11-12, Female 10-11 LOCAL/PROVINCIAL

This is the most significant period for development. This is the window of accelerated adaptation to motor coordination. Group interaction, team building and social activities should be emphasized. A reasonable balance of practices and games will foster the ongoing development and mastery of essential skills in hockey.



CanSkate - Learn-to-Skate Program

Provides kids with a foundation for figure skating, hockey, speed skating and ringette

The First Shift

The First Shift makes the hockey experience possible for everyone. We provide all the equipment and necessities for the program so all you have to do is show up and get involved

Initiation Program

The U7 Program is Hockey Canada’s premiere ‘Learn to Play’ program for beginning hockey and is the foundation of skills development for hockey in the OMHA.

Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps

Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps are a one or two-day event open to players playing in U10 to U13.