Active for Life

A smooth transition from developing physical literacy to lifelong physical activity and participation in sport, or from the podium pathway to competitive for life, fit for life or engagement as a sport and physical activity leader.

Competitive for Life embodies all sport that functions under a set of rules, with the exception of the podium pathway, which is defined by Train to Train, Train to Compete and Train to Win.

Fit for Life includes all physical activity such as hiking, gardening, yoga, aerobics, skiing and walking, as well as non-organized sport (self-determined rules) such as pick-up games in the school yard or park.

Sport and Physical Activity Leaders includes those individuals who contribute in ways other than being an athlete or participant in the sport or activity itself. This group encompasses coaches and instructors, officials, administrators in either a volunteer or professional capacity, and those involved in sport science and medicine. It is possible that these individuals take part in the Competitive for Life and/or Fit for Life pathways.