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Get enrolled in the OMHA Hockey Academy!

Keep your skills sharp at home with at-home hockey training. Develop your game in all of the important areas with guided lessons and track your progress over the coming weeks. Want to work on your shooting? What about focusing on your passing? Or how about staying in game shape? Video tutorials are available for all areas of the game to review before your reps. When done practicing, enter your amount of reps for the day which will earn you TeamGenius Points. Complete the daily workout to earn points and gain entry to the weekly prize draw.


Registration includes a welcome gift pack (estimated value of $40.00, shipping may be delayed) as well as exclusive access to the online tracking portal where you can keep track of your progress and be entered to win weekly prizes. The one year subscription ($10.00 a month) includes tutorial videos and tips on how to get the most out of each drill and entries into weekly prize draws.

Plus, use code OMHA99 at checkout for a first-time discount!



The OMHA Hockey Academy gives everything you need (aside from the equipment) for at-home hockey training. As long as you have an area to practice, a stick, puck and net you are ready to participate. Players can take on this responsibility to put in the time to practice. Those time management skills you’ve learned at the rink help to create a daily and weekly practice plan to ensure you’re being the most effective in your reps. Try to find a consistent time in your day that will be dedicated to completing the drills.


Get started today! Log into the OMHA Hockey Academy, find the drill you want to work on and start earning points. Focus on a specific skill or take part in the Daily Workout which includes a mix of at-home exercises, stick skills, shooting, and passing drills.


When you are ready to dive in, go to the Daily Workout where you'll find a fresh training session that includes stick skills, shooting, and cardio exercises. If you want to train a specific skill, go to the Training Library for drills and exercises to improve your game. Players will quickly notice that the repetition is the key to unlocking skill improvement.

Find a dedicated area in the driveway or basement that gives you enough room to move around and shoot pucks. A flat surface is important for puck handling and for safe movement. Remove any potential hazards or fragile items for safety. Many household items can also serve as markings or obstacles that are needed for some of the drills. Make sure whatever space you are using won’t leave any unwanted markings on the ground or walls from a puck or stick.


Hockey Academy
Hockey Academy
Hockey Academy
Hockey Academy
Hockey Academy