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OMHA Players Club

The OMHA Players Club presented by Bauer Hockey is all about providing new and exciting challenges to help players celebrate hockey skills and develop their game at home throughout the year! 

These programs reinforce the concepts introduced by Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model which sets out a development progression or pathway for hockey players. There’s evidence to show that daily micro-practices are effective and often more effective to longer practice sessions once or twice a week. When you practice a little each day, skills become more natural and are easily to apply to games.

Our goal is to educate players, coaches, and parents on the LTPD model in a fun and easy way.

“This is a great program because it’s simple, it gives players the opportunity to take ownership of their own skill development and its fun!” said OMHA Director, Development Programs, Ian Taylor. “It is a simple way to educate players, coaches, and parents on the LTPD model in a fun and easy way. “

Individual players can sign up for the OMHA Players Club to receive an OMHA Players Club helmet sticker immediately. Each player will also receive weekly tips, motivation, gain access to exclusive deals and chances to win prizes throughout the year! Upon submission of your tracking sheet, we will send you a prize courtesy of Bauer Hockey for your hard work and dedication.

Teams are encouraged to register for the OMHA Players Club by utilizing the team registration sheet. Each team that registers to take part in the OMHA Players Club will be given a Bauer Hockey Prize pack that includes a welcome package, Players Club helmet stickers and a piece of Bauer Hockey equipment to give away to a deserving player that completes one of the Players Club Challenges.

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Step 1 - Register below for the OMHA Players Club Presented by Bauer Hockey
Step 2 – Download the Tracking Sheet and start practicing
Step 3 – Check your email for weekly tips, special contests and more challenges from the OMHA Players Club
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The Challenges

Related Programs | National Skills Standards & Testing

Hockey Canada and the OMHA believe in celebrating skill achievement. In Canadian minor hockey, coaches should be encouraged to foster the development of the fundamental skills required to play the game at the minor levels by measuring and providing positive individual feedback on skill development. It is essential that minor hockey associations and parents have a method of measuring success beyond wins and losses 

The National Skills Standards & Testing (NSST) is a series of six (6) individual skill tests for Players and three (3) for Goaltenders have been designed to measure the skill level of players. These tests can be administered by team coaches requiring very little equipment, expense and set up time.